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Online Shops: Onyx SG

"Fear not, versatility is our game"

Wearing Adaire Hi Lo Asymmetric Dress available here

"Handpicked worldwide with the sharpest eye for detail and quality"

Wearing Beverly White Mesh Crop Top available here

Onyx is a new online shop here in Singapore, showcasing a lovely range of predominantly monochrome pieces. I absolutely adore their style, so much leather and mesh! The quality of their apparel is superb as well, and everything comes beautifully packaged with their own label tags ♥︎

Here's a sneak peek of their rad monochrome range!

The awesome girls at Onyx are holding a giveaway this week on their Facebook page! So hurry over there now, you just might be one of the lucky winners walking away with a gorgeous new dress :) 

Join the giveaway here:

And to top it all off, Onyx is offering you guys a 10% discount for a limited time!
Simply enter "AUD10" during checkout 

I hope you'll all love Onyx as much as I do ♥︎

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Adult Friendship Ostracism

As a teen, sometimes when you know that your friends are unhappy with you or you're disliked by a certain group of people, your world can literally feel like it's crashing down on you. I used to think I'd outgrow this kind of feelings, but truth is, no matter how old you are these things can still affect you. The worst part is, most people will write you off as "overthinking". But deep down you just know that you can feel the distinct difference in the way this or that particular friend treats you. So, you can't exactly talk to anyone about it and walking away is not really an option as well because this person or group still means something to you and will probably always be a part of your life because of all the mutual friends you guys share. 

I've read so many different experiences from women around the world online, and I myself have been in similar situations before so I really understand how disturbing it can be. I used to cry over broken friendships, or feel really hurt when I find out I was intentionally uninvited to an activity by a group of people whom I thought were my "close friends". 

Here's my take on how to deal with feeling outcasted by your adult girlfriends ♥︎

You just got to accept the fact that you can't make everybody like you.

Yes it's as simple as that. Or if you've been in a long-term female clique, sometimes people end up liking you a lot less after a few years because you've both changed. Every great friendship starts out in hopes of being "friends forever";  you feel so much love for each other and you start making a list of wonderful things you guys can do together. And then sometimes, unfortunately, one's priorities in life changes. Maybe you've grown older and prefer mellow nights at home with the family instead of hanging out with your gal pals till 2am. Maybe you're starting a new career and after long hours of working all you want is some quiet time. In some high maintenance friendships, resentment for your disappearances or lack of enthusiasm for certain activities can become an issue. 

I've come to realise that once resentment has seeped into a friendship, even with a lot of hard work and effort on your part it can still end up becoming a majorly disappointing one. People tend to only remember the bad parts. If somebody doesn't like you anymore even the nicest thing you do will somehow end up becoming negative. So forget trying to please everybody and just be yourself. True friends will love you for you.  

If you're currently in this situation and feeling isolated or need somebody to talk to, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email :) I'd be your friend.

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Online Shops: Justamaze

Thank You For Feeding My Bad Addiction

Three Words: Just A Maze
The latest piece to join my bursting little closet is this beautiful electric blue skirt from Just Amaze. I'm a total hoarder. Only starting to make an effort lately to part with some of the stuff I've kept around for years. Anyway, I'm totally loving this cut and will probably start accumulating more fit n' flares ♥︎ The colour is fabulous as well, as of now I haven't really seen this available on any other online shops. So if you're looking for something unique head on over to Just A Maze!

Outfit: Necklace - Julien / Skirt - Just A Maze / Bag - Dior / Shoe - Nastygal

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Pure Wanderlust

I've been on the black and white streak for so long now and I'm finally graduating to bits of blue. This little mosaic piece reminds me of clouds, which is so apt right now because I've been wanderlusting (not sure if this is even a legitimate word) so bad. Doesn't help that the web is full of gorgeous holiday destinations just beckoning me to pack up and go and then regret afterwards. 

Seriously, take me there now.
(Picture of Santorini, Greece)

Outfit: Dress - Julien / Bag - Givenchy (Obsedia)

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Bag Of The Day: Givenchy Pandora Box Bag F/W'14

OMG. I can't imagine anything more perfect than this right now. If you've been following me for awhile, you'd know that I'm absolutely crazy over all things black, grey and silver ♥︎ I fell in love with Givenchy's pandora bag a couple of years ago, and now I'm so happy that they released a more rigid version in pure silver for fall! 

I actually do really like this new shape as well, it's like a more polished version of the pandora. 

This pretty little bag comes in 2 sizes, the regular and the mini ( I am of course a fan of the mini! ). My current pandora is a mini and I'm still amazed by how many things I can stuff into it. These bags also come in all kinds of colours and textures, prices start at about $1476(USD) and moves higher for larger sizes or exotic skins. Fallen in love with the new Pandora Box Bag yet? ♥︎


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